Angel of the Winds Dreamcatcher

Arlington, WA Angel of the Winds 13

November 2013 – Present


175,838 square feet

Falkin staff: Ashley Thomas


Expansion and hotel addition to an existing casino in Snohomish county. Includes site improvement, site infrastructure improvements and construction of a 97,932 square foot addition to the 77,951 square foot casino for a total building area of 175,883 square feet. The addition is a steel-framed structure that includes a 1,568 gsf basement attached to the existing lower level of the casino; a 38,102 gsf 1st floor that includes new hotel and casino lobbies, hotel offices, ballroom, swimming pool, catering kitchen and hotel wing with 17 guest rooms; 14,834 gsf 2nd and 3rd floors that each have 27 guest rooms; and 14,297 gsf on the 4th and 5th floors that also have 27 guest rooms each. Upon completion, the hotel will have 125 guest rooms, with 7 guestrooms being ADA accessible and 12 additional rooms equipped for the hearing impaired.