South Kirkland TOD


Kirkland, WASouth Kirkland TOD 8

October 2013 – December 2014

New construction

54, 500 square feet

Falkin Lead: Michael Mequet


South Kirkland TOD (Transit Oriented Development) project is a mixed-use 7-acre campus of affordable housing, market-rate housing, retail space and transit center. The project includes Park & Ride spaces within a 530-stall parking structure as well as Continue reading

Aurora Apartments

Seattle, WAAurora 10

November 2012 –  March 2014

New Construction

34,635 square feet

Falkin Staff: Michael Mequet


This project is for construction of a low income residential apartment building having 71 units of permanent rental housing on three upper floors above offices and common spaces on the ground floor. Parking will be provided at the rear side ground level parking lot with access to elevators and stairs. <--more-->

Level 1 includes the manager’s office, other office and conference rooms, the lobby and front desk, a computer room, a multi-use room, bike storage room, fitness room, storage room, and two restrooms. Exterior level entrances are provided on all four side and include covered vestibules. Levels two and four have 24 apartments and level three has 23 apartments. Each residential level has laundry facilities and level 3 has a trash/recycle room. There are 65 studio apartments and 6 one-bedroom units. A total of four large landscapes deck area with wood composite decking and large planting beds. HVAC equipment and the elevator top work rooms are on the roof as well.

Construction will include related site improvements such as utilities, street access, sidewalks and landscaping. Sanitary sewer, storm drains, electric, telephone and water utilities will connect to existing city facilities. Planting strips along each sidewalk will be landscaped under this project. Numerous trees and bushes will be planted in the street-planting strips and around the building perimeter and the west CMU wall, plus plants and trees in the planters on the rooftop deck.



Sagewood Apartments

YAKIMA  Sagewood 17
OCT. 2012 – NOV. 2013
falkin staff: MICHAEL MEQUET


Sagewood is an apartment complex that consists of five separate apartment buildings; a recreation building; garages and a child’s play area. The five apartment buildings are three-stories with a total of 70 units. The recreation building is approximately 2300 square feet and includes a rental office; community room; kitchen area; computer room; weight room; maintenance room; waiting area; men’s and women’s restrooms. The child’s play area and bicycle rack are located adjacent to the rec building.