Compass on Dexter

Seattle, WACompass on Dexter 13

September 2013 – present

New construction

91, 712 square feet

Falkin Staff: Ashley Thomas


This project is for construction of a low income residential apartment building having 74 units of permanent rental housing on six upper floors above a partially underground parking garage. Parking will be provided in the basement level for 26 vehicles and 23 bicycles with access to elevators and stairs.

Level 1 (ground level) includes three management offices and three counseling offices; a conference room; lobby and reception room; community room with kitchen; men’s and women’s restrooms; one restroom with shower; common room with computer stations; mail and waiting room; break room; front porch and five apartment units. ¬†Level 2 has 13 apartment units, and levels 3-6 have 14 apartment units. Each residential floor has a laundry facility and a trash/recycle room. The roof is level with parapets except ¬†for a higher sloped penthouse roof at the southwest corner. An open courtyard is provided on Level 2 in the center of the east side, and the upper stories are built in a horseshoe around it. A rooftop terrace will be provided with a smoking area and benches.

Exterior finishes are brick veneer, fiber cement planks and vertical panels, CMU, metal flashing, and metal coping and fascia. A four-color painting scheme is planned. The entrance areas have a canopy roof on each. Windows are vinyl framed and operable units are installed at each apartment for outside ventilation. The storefront system is aluminum framed for the office area of Level 1. Construction includes related site improvements such as utilities, street access, sidewalks and landscaping.