County Law Building

Indio, CaliforniaCounty Law 23

March 2014 – January 2015

New Construction

90,363 square feet

Falkin Staff: Harlan Falkin


A new three-story office building with total gross floor area of 90,363 square feet and 87,439 square feet of gross lease area. On site surface parking for 369 vehicles is provided. Building design complies with Cal Green program requirements with provision for bicycle parking and storage; 30 ‘clean air’ vehicle parking stalls; 20% reduction in baseline water usage through the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures; overhangs and non-absorbent flooring at building entrances to prevent water intrusion; recycling program and building commission program.

The new building is a single tenant use as office space for Riverside County Law officials including private office spaces, system furniture in open office areas, meeting spaces and a library. The ground floor includes a Family Justice Center; the District Attorney Investigator offices; evidence storage room; forensic office; Victim/Witness office area; lobby; waiting room, and the law library with high density storage file system location (this floor has 10-foot-high ceilings). The second floor includes the Public Defender office area; Investigators Offices and interview rooms; training and break rooms, and unassigned spaces for future expansion. Floor three houses the District Attorney and staff offices; break rooms and restrooms. Floors two and three have 9-foot-high ceilings.