Elliot Bay Auto


Seattle, WA EBA4

December 2013 – May 2014


15, 985 square feet

Falkin Lead: Richard Johnsrud


This was a renovation of an existing automobile dealership located in Seattle. The work included extensive renovation to the office area, restrooms, and meeting rooms. A new window wall was Continue reading

Boeing Stryker Site


Kent, WA Boeing Stryker 11

2013 – present

Tenant Improvement

438,794 square feet

Falkin Lead: Ashley Thomas and Gary Hochstrasser


Part of a former Boeing facility, Boeing Stryker Site is undergoing redevelopment to house an Amazon distribution center. This phase of the project includes two warehouses and distribution buildings, with a total building area of 438,794 square feet. The building will be constructed as shells without office build-out. The building framing will include paneled Continue reading

Compass on Dexter

Seattle, WACompass on Dexter 13

September 2013 – present

New construction

91, 712 square feet

Falkin Staff: Ashley Thomas


This project is for construction of a low income residential apartment building having 74 units of permanent rental housing on six upper floors above a partially underground parking garage. Parking will be provided in the basement level for 26 vehicles and 23 bicycles with access to elevators and stairs. Continue reading