Tolar Tech

Bellingham, WA TT 1

May 2013 – November 2013

New Construction

15, 174 Square Feet

falkin staff: Ashley Thomas


This project is for construction of an all-steel building which has a partial second story. The building footprint is 80′ by 125′ with an additional 25.5 by 29.3 covered loading dock addition on the northeast corner. The first level will have a chemical laboratory, storage spaces, office and reception rooms, restrooms and a break room. A liquid storage pit will be on the north side for retrieval of chemical waste until it can be disposed. A covered truck loading dock will be on the outside of the north wall with a ramp down and concrete retaining wall.

A partial second floor will be on the west end for additional storage. Parking will be on the west end of the lot with channelization and landscaping. Drainage swales will run along the north and south property lines and a sediment detention pond will be at the northwest corner. Water and storm drainage connections will be on the northwest and southwest corners, sanitary sewer will be at the southwest corner and electricity will be provided from overhead lines east of the property.