Community and Sustainability 


Falkin Associates believes in contributing to the communities we serve. We give our time, skills, and resources to organizations that support our vibrant community, helping those less able to provide for themselves.

Falkin Associates staff are active in NAIOP, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, community sports programs, non-profit radio and television activities and local schools, giving of our private time and pro bono services. Whether it is coaching, being part of a work party, tutoring students or mentoring young professionals our staff is sincere in this effort. We contribute financially to many organizations each year, helping them to provide their services to those needing them.


Falkin Associates was critical to the creation and development of the Washington State Evergreen Sustainable Design Standards and their implementation. We now have several years of reviewing Evergreen plans and assuring their implementation into new construction projects with field review and documentation approval. We are involved in the international Green Globes initiative affecting properties worldwide. We know how to incorporate sustainable practices into the planning, design, and construction of new facilities of all types.

As we move to limit consumption of resources it is vital that the built environment adapts to more efficient energy and resource consumption. Falkin Associates is on the leading edge of sustainable practices in real estate and construction. Our staff includes LEED-accredited professionals with experience in completing successful LEED certified projects.