owners representation

Falkin Associates Owners Representative consulting services includes various tasks over different phases of the design and construction process. The following are some of the ways Falkin Associates acts as Owner Representative. For more detailed information about your specific project, please submit a request for Owner Representation information.

Strategy and Planning

The initiation of any construction development project begins with a need on behalf of our clients. We take the time to fully understand the core values of each client and the reasons they need a physical change in their work environment. Once we understand the intention and vision that our clients have we can craft a strategy to meet their goals, which includes:

  • Initial space planning assistance
  • Analyze building options (purchase, lease, build new, renovate existing)
  • Lease or purchase strategy and assistance
  • Budget planning for design, construction, technology, and furniture
  • Prepare initial project proforma, budget and timeline

Team Creation

We believe that anything can be accomplished if you get the right people in the room. We specialize in assembling the right team for your project. Expertise, personality, capacity and cost are all variables that need to be considered when selecting each member of the project team. With deep roots in the Pacific Northwest real estate and construction community, Falkin Associates has a large network of industry professionals. We are sensitive to the specific needs of each client and each project, and we ensure that the right consultants, design team, contractors and vendors are selected for your project.

  • Team creation strategy
  • Identify specific work scope for each player
  • Shortlist creation
  • Request for qualifications/proposals
  • Evaluate, qualify, recommend, negotiate and finalize all agreements and contracts
  • Finalize soft cost budget


Having the right design team makes all the difference in the success of your project. Falkin Associates has a long history of assembling a powerful team to help you conceptualize your vision and meet your organization’s operational needs, as well as achieving your financial and timing goals.

  • Establish fee structure for all design consultants that allow for proper tracking and expectations.
  • Eliminate cost overruns
  • Create design completion milestones to keep your project on schedule
  • Expedite internal decision making with a thorough understanding of the client’s operation
  • Provide input related to operations, cost, schedule, and potential construction impacts
  • Initial planning meetings with general contractors, architects and engineers
  • Attend design meetings as the Concept Design Alternatives are developed, review the work provided by the design team and monitor compliance with the established Project Program, Budget, and Schedule
  • Participate in Building Committee meetings
  • Assist in the planning, development, and assessment of any project bid alternatives and phasing plans
  • Ongoing general monitoring of the progress of design and providing input as required
  • Maintain the owner’s Budget and Schedule Documents
  • Facilitate approval process for the Construction Documents


A deep understanding of the process, as well as knowing the people at the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), gives Falkin Associates the confidence that we can expedite the delivery of the necessary permits for your project. We have experience working with the City of Seattle and surrounding jurisdictions throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • Master use permits (MUP)
  • Land use permits
  • Design review
  • Demolition permits
  • Construction permits
  • Department of transportation


There are numerous ways to acquire construction and long term financing. We focus on the individual project demands, and strategize with our clients and our financing contacts to determine the best financial approach to your project.

  • Assist in the development of project financing strategy
  • Connect clients to the appropriate financial partners
  • Assist in the deal structure options / negotiations
  • Provide pertinent project specific documentation to support with finance underwriting

Owner Vendors & Specialty Equipment

As the owner’s representative we are in a key position to manage owner vendors and equipment to ensure that specifics are incorporated into the project design, budget and schedule.

  • Understand the needs of the client
  • Assist in vendor scope creation, vendor identification, selection, negotiations, and contract
  • Manage design creating and coordinate with the client for approval
  • Monitor fabrication / creation
  • Integrate specific power and communication needs into the construction documents
  • Coordinate vendor installation timing to best suit the project as a whole
  • Finalize owner vendor items within project budget

Construction Phase

Our clients are experts in their field of business, or are amazing executers of their organization’s mission, but they may only be involved in a construction or tenant improvement project once or twice in their career. Falkin Associates is expert in managing the process of real estate development and tenant improvement projects – it’s the primary focus of our company. We help our clients with the following:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the general contractor, finance partners, DPD, utilities, owner vendors, etc.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the landlord, coordinating directly with the landlords building / development manager
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the contractor, monitor progress of RFI’s, submittals, and other project correspondence
  • Review the contractor’s construction schedule and schedule of values
  • Provide monthly site observations to monitor construction activity
  • Prepare monthly project update reports to Building Committee
  • Attend and participate weekly construction progress meetings
  • Review Change Order Requests, Negotiate Change Order substantiation and cost
  • Hold the architect accountable for design quality and thoroughness
  • Review and make recommendations for approval on the contractor’s monthly application for payment and lien release review
  • Monitor the contractor’s construction schedule and work with the contractor to develop any needed recovery schedules or adjustments to keep the project on track
  • Update the owner’s Master Schedule and Budget on a monthly basis to reflect current project conditions throughout the construction process
  • Assist in coordinating Owner training activities
  • Coordinate independent construction testing hired by Owner
  • Participate in punch list and final inspections, and make recommendations for project acceptance
  • Coordinate contract closeout with the Owner and Contractor
  • Assist in planning and coordination of installation of Owner-Furnished equipment

Specialty Experience / Sustainable Building

In business for more than 35 years, Falkin Associates takes pride in being able to serve our client’s specific needs. Some of our specialty experience and sustainable building includes:

  • LEED certified staff to assist with your LEED projects
  • Associates and Executive Staff are trained in Evergreen Sustainable Building Standards
  • Able to complete the upfront review for ESS as well as inspections, project monitoring and ESS reporting
  • FA is affiliated with the International Code Council (ICC)
  • Certified Construction Management (CCM) staff
  • Extensive experience with environmental impact statement evaluation
  • Worked with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements
  • Tax Credit compliance confirmation
  • Davis Bacon wage verification