Joseph Arnold Lofts


Entry at Clay Street

Entry at Clay Street

May 2012 – October 2013

New Construction

170,425 square feet

Falkin staff: Harlan Falkin


The new Joseph Arnold Lofts are a 13-story apartment building with ground floor retail spaces located at the NE corner of Cedar Street and Elliot Avenue in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. A total of 132 apartment units; 4,033 square feet of retail space; and 21/2 floors of underground parking with 71 parking stalls will be provided in the development. The structure is to be supported on concrete mat footings transferring all loads to subgrade soils. Concrete sheer walls and concrete floor structures provide the building frame. Exterior finishes include precast concrete vertical panels and spandrels, horizontal metal siding at floors 12 & 13, bolt-on metal exterior decks and handrails, insulated metal window wall panels at the building podium and insulated glass windows. A small area of fiber cement siding is located on the south elevation at floors 12 and 13.