Majestic Hotel

Majestic Inn Exterior 3
Anacortes, WA
January 2013 – Present
New Construction
23,145 square feet
Project Lead: Harlan Falkin


A new addition to the Majestic Hotel in Anacortes, Washington. This new building sits adjacent to the original hotel and has four floors and 30 guest rooms. The ground floor has three retail spaces, an entry area and hallway to the elevator and stairs; a housekeeping room; employee break room; three restrooms; mechanical and electrical equipment rooms and storage spaces. Canopies are provided at all exterior entrances and over the new portico structure in the courtyard area between the existing hotel and the new building.

The three upper floors have 10 rooms each and are accessible by both elevator or stairs. The rooms are Standard; Standard Long; and Suite. There is one accessible Standard Long room and one accessible Suite.

The rooftop is covered with pavers on a pedestal system to create a large guest patio area. A covered kitchen area, toilet, elevator lobby, storage and stairway access are included for the roof patio.